Chalk Mine - shorthand for embedded SQL in Java

This is the first part of a series I call: Look ma, I invented the wheel again. In a long developer life I have implemented things that have been done by many others, better, before. This is one of them.

Technically Chalk Mine is an ORM (Object Relational Mapper) for Java 5 and later. It provides a simple and concise way of mapping back and forth between Java types and relational data in an SQL-database. In addition to that it provides a way of doing configuration and has built-in connection pool.

This is an example of its typical use:

try {
    int userCount = queryScalar(Int.class, "select count(*) from users where name = ?", "Smith");
    System.out.println("There are " + userCount + " users named 'Smith'.");
} finally {

The methods openConnection, queryScalar and closeConnection are all static methods in chalkmine.ChalkMine and are here imported using a static import.

The methods openConnection and closeConnection open and close a connection. The connection is bound to the current thread which is why it is not given as an explicit parameter to queryScalar.

The method queryScalar does a query expecting exactly one row otherwise chalkmine.NonScalarException is thrown.

The row is mapped to the type supplied as the first parameter.

Since the type is a simple type (int, double, string etc.) the first column of row is used.

The last parameter ("Smith") as one a variable number of parameters that will be substituted into the ?'s in the query. (This happens using Java's PreparedStatement mechanism taking care of proper escaping of strings etc.)

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