New iOS Game: Fidus Fidus

My new iOS Game “Fidus Fidus” has been released on Apple’s App Store. It is made using Apple Swift and Apple SpriteKit.

The game is spin on the classic falling block action puzzles like Puyo Puyo and Tetris.

Like Puyo Puyo you control two beans falling from the top of the screen. The object is to match the beans up in groups of 4 or more while preventing the beans to grow to the top. Unlike Puyo Puyo you don’t play against an opponent and your reward for clearing beans in a cascade is that you get a speciale “happy fiduser” that will clear up even more beans.

Anyways. This description probably does not make much sense. So here is a video of the game action.

As you can see from the white strokes in the video the game is gesture controlled. With gestures for left, right and down plus circular gesture for rotating clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Try the game in the App Store. Free.